The pain and shock of the fist in his side gave him that split second feeling of dizziness just as the adrenalin made the bioimplants kick his reflexes into high gear. Judging by the pain in his lower ribs and the effort it took to draw the next breath he thought a few might be broken but luckily the signals sent to his brain was dulled down to a murmor by the drugs just administered to his body by the implant.
He knew his assailant probably didn't have a weapon or didn't want to use it or he allready would have so not bothering to look back he put his foot to the wall in front of him and kicked back, giving him momentum enough to send both himself and the attacker flying back into the room. While in the air Case turned his head sideways and got a look at the arm and hand that had just cost him a couple of ribs, he had time to realize that that arm had had to cost over 100'000NY even with good connections in the bay.
As they both crashed to the floor in a tumbling fashion his arms and feet knew exactly where to go and he was up on his feet in less than a second. The big fellow in a black suit and a short haircut on the floor was allready halfway up as well, suggesting he'd had more improvements than just the arm.
The decision to flee came naturally. He knew he'd only last a couple of seconds in his current shape against what seemed to be a corporate funded and trained problem solver. Why was this guy even after him? Case liked to think of himself as a hot-shot runner but no way had he ever dealt with the bigger corporations who had their own security.
Still feeling the tingeling sensation of the perfomance enhancers he realized the only way out of the room was the door he walked in through, both windows on the other side were nailed shut. The suit was up from the floor with an appreciating grin on his face, maybe he knew he had Case trapped, maybe he was just looking forward towards the kill. Case didn't know and he could actually care less, he was in no mood to make this guy happy what-so-ever but with the black suit between himself and the door he had to think of something quickly.
That's when the lights went out.
Case had time to hope that this guy somewhere in front of him in the darkness hadn't had his eyes made but came to the conclusion that if he had that arm and what seemed to be similiar reflex and agility implants as himself he sure as hell would have the eyes to match the rest of his body.
As if in slow motion he half sensed the air shift, half heard the man move when a second blow to his stomach proved him right. He'd had time to twist a couple of inches to the side letting most of the force slide off him but the added pain made him stagger backwards into the black emptiness.
Suddenly he heard a large thump followed by soft footsteps that in no way could have come from the big suit. A flashlight came on aimed directly at him making him squint and cover his eyes. He could see the black suit back on the floor again, not moving, but he had no chance of telling who held the flashlight.
'What the hell...' was all that Case managed to get out.
'You'd best come with me now.' A calm male voice with a japanese accent.
'No time for this, the rest will get here as soon as this one doesn't call it in.'
'Call what in?'